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White Lioness British Shorthair Cattery

World Cat Federation Breeder

of British Shorthair Cats.

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About the British Shorthair

Dignified, Intelligent, Affectionate!! This is a British Shorthair.

The British Shorthair is a study in roundness. He has a large round head, round eyes and rounded paws. Even his tail has a rounded tip. He was once known as the British Blue because he came only in that color, but these days his short, plush coat comes in many different colors and patterns, including Silver and Golden.

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About our kittens

About our kittens

They are of lovely British type. We breed kittens with perfect balanced body, great green or blue eye color, dense shiny coat and outstanding pedigree. We sell only pedigree quality kittens. All our kittens are born and brought up in our home. From birth they have contact with our family and cats, which is why they are very social and friendly. They love to hug, purr and play.  All kittens leave for their new homes with superb temperaments, and outgoing personalities. Kittens can leave our cattery at the age of 13-18 weeks. At this age, they are already independent and ready to start a new life in a new home, use the litter box and the scratching tree.

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